Monday, December 29, 2008

Freak out time

Why does it seem everything spirals out at once?

Last week was the bank issue, there is still the money issue and we are making it less and less, and now I can't find the prescription for Buddy's MRI tomorrow. I keep all his paperwork in one place. Our apartment is teeny tiny, but stuff seems to disappear all the time. I have spent all morning looking for it, I called the neuro's office and of course had to leave a message (I swear these people never actually work), I called the hospital where he is having his MRI done, and while she was able to tell me exactly what was on the script she said we had to have it with us. We have been waiting since October for this. I am going to keep looking.

The husband swears he didn't move it, but I don't think it grew feet and walked away. So I am going to have him help me look for it. It probably wouldn't hurt to get a fresh set of eyes.

Ok I hit post and the lady from the neuro's office called back and we don't need it, they faxed one over.

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