Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Kingdom for Boots

I have been wearing flip flops since last March. Not the same pair, I have gone through three pairs. Well it is supposed to start snowing. I can handle flip flops in the cold, but snow I think is where I draw the line.

So we went out today while we were Christmas shopping and looked at boots for me. Please keep in mind I have not bought a new pair of real (I have bought flip flops) shoes since I got married in 2005. Nothing I liked at Target, nothing at Kohl's. So I stopped at Famous Footwear. Wow their shoes are expensive. Or at least my idea on the cost of shoes has changed. Before I was married I wouldn't bat an eyelash at dropping 70-80 up to 100 bucks on shoes. Now I shudder at more than like $30.

So I find of pair of boots that I really like. My fat calves won't fit in them. I find a pair for $50 that fit, I like, but man I feel guilty on spending 50 dollars on a pair of shoes.

Amazing the difference two kids make.

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  1. I have the exact same problem with boots! I never thought as my legs as fat until that moment they wouldn't zip up. grrr