Friday, December 19, 2008

The Weight of Things

I am at my heaviest weight EVER. I mean heavier than when I was pregnant with either child. This has to stop. My fat jeans are getting tight and these are the biggest size Lane Bryant carries.

The weight pile on began after I got my IUD put in. My hair is also falling out. My OB tested my thyroid and said everything is fine. They gave me the option of getting the IUD out, but reminded me that DS was a pill baby. Great, so get the IUD out, lose weight get pregnant. The OB pretty much told me that at my weight BCPs are less effective.

I thought that by cooking for my family it would be healthier than eating out all the time (it is cheaper, sort of). I cook healthy food, but I am having cravings like I am pregnant. I know I am not, but man it sucks. I think with my Christmas money I am going to buy some diet books.

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