Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Big C

Well the emergency vet says he is 80% sure the mass in Cole's belly is cancer. He is positive Cole does not have FIP (which is good). But he wasn't sure enough that it was cancer to put him down without more tests. The problem?

We can't afford the tests. He needs a ton more blood work, another x-ray, a sonogram, an endoscopy, a biopsy and all the testing. We spent $400.00 last night on just the emergency vet visit, one x-ray and a CBC.

But he said the mass could be nothing. So I don't want to put him down if the mass is nothing. But I also don't want to prolong any pain he is in.

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  1. Oh no! I had a cat who had to be put down because of FIP, it was so horrible. His name was Casey Jones and I used to call him Mr. Jones or Wiener. I loved that damn cat and I still do. He was only a year old when he got sick and less than 2 weeks after the first symptoms we had to let him go.

    I hope your kitty doesn't have that. Prayers friend.