Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Night Bloggy Time

It's that time!!! FNBT!!! Ok I am about 4 hours early but I am hoping to play Rock Band when the kiddos go down. I am going to do 2 blogs tonight since one is of a serious nature and another will be fun.

This one has a bunch of people who should be punched in the junk, not just punched but have their junk removed: . This site helps catch the kids that all through the cracks. We all hear about the Caylee Anthonys but what about Tangena Hussain? I can bet not one person outside of Michigan has heard of her. I cry just about every time I go here, but I think it is important. If just one person stumbles on this site and sees one of these kids in their neighborhood, and says "Hey that looks like the kid from that website I found on TQ1s blog, maybe I should call the police." Or if it is too late for the poor baby, that is one more person who has heard of them and they are not forgotten.

I found this one on my friend The Beach Life's blog (you should visit this blog because her pictures are AMAZING and she is funny), the blog is called 911 Apparently Not Just for Emergencies. I find this funny for a few reasons: 1. People really are that dumb. 2. I come from a family who does fire and rescue and police work.

You may ask why I don't feature The Beach Life in my FNBT it is because I like to concentrate on it and make comments. (Shh don't tell her but I want to buy some pictures from her for my new place.)

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  1. Don't tell her that! You'll give her a big head!!!! Sheesh.

    I want to buy some too when I have the money. One of the rooms in my house is a beach theme, and they will look great.