Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life unscripted

Upon threat of junk punching I am updating lol.

We have had a busy month. The biggest most exciting news is we are moving! We are breaking our lease but I won't go into why, except to say 897 sq ft is way too small for a family of 4.

I am now in the stages of picking paint colors and planning on redecorating the kids' room. Banana is getting a "Tinkybell" bed for her birthday and I am trying to come up with a theme for Little Man's side of the room. I am thinking pirates, because then it will be like a Peter Pan themed room with Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys. But I am having trouble finding pirate bedding that I like. I guess I like them but I am not sure how well they would match. The Tinkerbell is purple and green and the pirate is red and blues. I guess it doesn't really matter does it? Any suggestions would be awesome because I have eyes bigger than my budget.

I am painting our kitchen dark green which is not my first choice. I want to paint it dark red, but all our kitchen towels are green and purple (our "theme" is wine". I am trying to convince Big Man to let me paint the living room and our bedroom too. All he wants to paint is the kids room and the kitchen. I am also picking out decorations for our two bathrooms.

I am really excited about the kitchen though. It is huge compared to the one we have with a TON of counter space. I finally have room for all the cooking gadgets I have.

We were given Rock Band 2 for Christmas and Big Man and I have been playing that just about every night together. It is kind of nice to have this time with him. We have actually done a lot of bonding while we play.

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