Friday, February 6, 2009

The News so far

Well Cole has been at the doctor's since 1130 this morning. His blood work has all come back normal so far so it can't be cancer right? I mean if it is like humans his blood work wouldn't be normal. But his liver, kidney function is normal. His thyroid is fine, his glucose was high but vet said that if he was nervous that could impact it.

I just want to thank my friends who comment on here. I don't think you all know how much you mean to me. I truly, truly value you guys.

I also want to thank my friend TrickyTechieGirl (not her real name, but her Xbox SN) she watched my kiddos today and let me borrow her car so I could take him to the vet.


  1. I would think it would show up in the bloodwork of animals like in humans. I mean, SOMETHING would be off.

  2. Turns out he has a raging UTI. They don't know what the mass in his stomach is, but the vet's attitude is. Let's get the UTI fixed and then see if he is back to normal or still sick.