Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Deeply Personal post

I am about to share something. I debated long and hard whether to put it in my blog. But I figure I have shared so much already this would only be a natural place to share it. Now please don't judge me this was a really hard choice for me to make....

We have picked out paint colors for our new place. See it wasn't really that serious but I needed an attention grabber. Also I am really nervous about what we are doing in the living room.

I watched this how to video on homedepot.com about Ralph Lauren's paint effects. The one that really jumped out at me was the suede. It looks really easy that even a person as inept as I can do it. What has me nervous is the color. It's called "Spitfire" and you can see it here: http://www.ralphlaurenhome.com/rlhome/products/paint/items.asp?haid=76 However it looks more like the color "Snowdrift." Now that has me nervous as to which is the more accurate representation. The paint chip or website? I have also never painted a room brown before. I am from the school of bright vibrant colors.

As evidenced by the colors I am debating over for the rest of the apartment. I am thinking about painting the kid's room Artisan and Topiary Green. The top of the wall will be Topiary and the bottom will be Artisan (these are by Glidden).

Oh we did have a heart attack yesterday. The complex called and told us the people whose apartment we are moving into changed their mind. Ok what does that mean? Well they have the same apartment available on 4/7. We have already burned our bridges here so there is no telling them "Oh by the way..." Then they asked if we had our hearts set on a first floor. Well yes with two little ones... Then she said well we have one available but it is more expensive. Here I am tail spinning. I ask how much more? She puts me on hold while she checks. I am imagining $50 or $100. It is a whole $2.00 more a month. I laughed and said that would be fine.

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