Sunday, March 1, 2009

The State of the Onion

Well my computer is back, thank Heavens. One of my friends is giving up our bulletin board for Lent, I barely survived three days without my computer. ***Special Shout Out to my Wonderful Princess Peaches.*** If my computer hadn't been ready Friday I would have used what you gave me, on Saturday. (Like how I made that all cryptic sounding? ;))

I do not recall what I did on Saturday. Oh yes we found a couch for our new place, and Big Man's chair quite literally exploded, so we picked a recliner out. I did some minimal packing and took a nap with Banana. Oh we also stopped by the new place so I could measure walls. We also found out that we could sign all our paperwork the day before so we can start first thing Thursday morning. We also made our monthly trip to Costco and our almost daily trip to Target (although we are getting better). We bought some things at Costco for Chatsworth, a laundry sorter and a kitchen sink set. It is really sad, but I am hyped about that.

Sunday, Sunday Sunday..... My parents took Banana for four hours. I packed, did laundry and cleaned up. Big Man cleaned the kitchen like a fiend and it looks great. I packed more this evening and I am BONE tired. I just can't wait to get to our new apartment.