Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Other Side

I was indifferent to the Twilight books. They were ok, but not really my cup tea. I am a HUGE vampire fan, so big I wrote a 25 page paper on the existence of vampires, based on similarities across cultures and the myths behind them, for my junior research paper.

I bought all four of them based on the hype. Read them. Gave them to my sister in law.

Well I wanted to see the movie. I had no hope for it, I couldn't see what the hype about the guy who played Edward Cullen was. I was just not that into it. I figured I would what for the hoopla to die down and then Netflix it.

Mr. Quiet One knew I had a rough couple of days coming up, thought it would be sweet to buy me the movie. He knew I read the books, but missed the part where I said I wasn't crazy about them. But how could I be mad. He tried.

All I can say is I am in love. I know a lot of the hard core Twilight fans didn't like the movie. But I LOVED IT. A million times better than the books. I thought the leads had GREAT chemistry.

Now I want to re-read them. But I know my sister in law will not give them up.

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  1. I'm glad you liked the movie.:) It breathed life into the big picture of Twilight.