Friday, May 1, 2009

One Car

We are a one car family. We are not doing it for any political reason. Although I suppose since our one vehicle is a Hybrid it would appear to some that way.

We are a one car family because I enjoy only having one car payment. None would be better but I won't get that for a couple more years.

What I do not enjoy is when I need the car and Mr. Quiet One needs to be to work at 5:00 am. It is not fun getting 2, 2 and under up at 4:00 am. Mr. Quiet One suggests that we could just leave them at home, that they would stay asleep until I got back. I told him he could walk to work.

We managed to get them in the car and they fell back asleep. Awesome. What is not so awesome is when I get home at 5:45 and it is time to get them out.

Both are sort of awake, by this I mean are awake enough to know if I leave one in the car to bring the other one in. So I am juggling two kids, and trying to work the security code to get into the building. I make the biggest mistake of the morning. I set Nana on the ground so I can do the code and open the door.

Let me just tell you this. She is standing up, it's not like I set her naked on hot coals or anything. But she starts to HOWL. I mean bloody murder.

If my daughter wakes up on her own she is very pleasant. If she is woken up, not so much.

I try to calm her down as the hallway is very echo. Didn't work.

To all the residents of my building I apologize for the early AM wake up call. Except for the guys who come in drunk at 300 am. Yeah payback is a bitch.

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