Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Little Man is Growing up!

Well Little Man turned 1 on June the first. We had his party and it was AWESOME. He got a couple of CAT trucks from us and some cars from his Oma. This leads me to my post today.

I came into the bedroom he shares with Banana this morning and he was pushing one of the trucks around going "vroom vroom". It was the cutest thing ever. He is also coming leaps and bounds with his words. While they are not super clear it has become obvious when he is saying "Mama" "baba" "ball" "kitty". He makes sounds for other words. When he wants his stuffed snake he hisses. He will also pretend to be a snake. My heart just grows with love for him every day.

I am afraid there is still something wrong. He took his first step about a week ago, but nothing since then. I know babies do things in their own time, but I still worry.

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  1. You know he's fine. He wants to stay close to his mama. He knows that when he stops walking, you stop carrying him.