Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The DVD Eating Monsters

Ok my kids destroy DVDs. They like to play with them. I try to take them away before any damage is done. I am usually too late. More of the kid's DVDs skip than actually work properly.

At Target last night I bought our 3rd (yes 3rd) copy of Barbie Island Princess. It is Banana's favorite Barbie movie so she tends to like to carry it around with her. I also picked up our second copy of Barbie Magic Rainbow.

As I am walking out of the aisle catches my eye. It is something that claims it can fix DVDs. Yeah right... But for $20 that is cheaper than re-buying these movies... Ok I throw it in the cart along with the movies.

So I get up this morning and with trepidation open my DVD cleaner. I pull out Barbie Tika (as Island Princess is known in our house) the most scratched DVD we own. This is going to be a trial by fire.

I follow the really simple instructions, I run the repair cycle and then the cleaning cycle. I wipe it with a soft cloth and without much hope I pop it into the DVD player.

Holy Barbie Batman! It works! We are over half way done with the movie and not a skip or a stutter! This product works!

What is this product you ask?

Why it is OptiFix Pro by Memorex. It is 19.99 at Target so if you are a Bargain Hunter, check it out there,

Monday, July 13, 2009

To Do This Week

My niece is coming to visit for a week starting Friday. I have a lot of things I need to get done. I am going to have to call Big Man to come over just about every night this week because there is certain stuff I can't do with the kids in my hair. * is stuff that will need to be done multiple times.

Keep sink empty of dishes*
Keep counters clutter free*
Clean out Fridge
Empty Dishwasher

Scrub both tubs
Clean Toilets
Sweep floors
Clean sinks
Clean Mirrors

Pick up floor
Get all dirty clothes into baskets
Pack up stuffed animals
Pick up toys in kids room
Change my sheets
Organize my linen closet
Organize my closet (I got those wonder hangers and so far they are really neat)
Get rid of broken TV

Living Room
Dust (including blinds)
Pick up toys*

Kids clothes
My clothes

Pack Little Man's clothes (he is going to my in-law's place while I have my niece)
Pack him some toys

Oh yeah and renew my driver's license that expired in 2007

My Quiet Morning

I woke up about 600 am this morning and could not get back to sleep. So I came into my living room and am watching "I Survived". It is my current television guilty pleasure.

Banana was never happy to just sit in her bed and play. If she knew mommy was up she needed to be with mommy. Little Man is much different. He is much more independent. He woke up about 45 minutes ago and has been happily playing with his Magna-Doodle type thing. Just happily baby talking to himself and drinking his bottle. He is such a good Little Man. Now he is mooing. Everything moos. Cars moo, dogs moo, cows moo, mommy moos.

I had been debating when there was one less person in bed, moving Little Man to my bed so the three of us could be together. But he has a certain independence about him. He likes to cuddle with mommy, but he also likes to tank around on the ground.

But I think it is important for him to not get used to sleeping with mommy. Once Big Man comes back, which it looks like he will, I don't want to have 2 babies and a mommy and a daddy in a full size bed. Banana can pretty much take up the whole bed by herself.

Things with Big Man are actually going really well. He came over Saturday about 1030ish, we watched a movie, then he went home. He came over Sunday morning we had breakfast as a family. He went to his Podcast, then he came back and we cuddled on the couch and watched a My Bloody Valentine 3-D.

It is almost like we are dating again. He is trying so hard. I just really want this to work.

Sorry this is kind of a stream of conscious post this morning. I took a sleep med last night and feel kind of jittery this morning. I am not tired or groggy. I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not where I thought I would be...

It is amazing how much life can change in a few months. I had been so proud of Big Man for over coming (or so I thought) his addictions. But he didn't. It has set us back months if not years. It makes me really sad.

Although with the latest discovery, he is stepping up and FINALLY starting to become the man I know he can be. We are taking it one day at a time and will over come this. We are stronger than that.