Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The DVD Eating Monsters

Ok my kids destroy DVDs. They like to play with them. I try to take them away before any damage is done. I am usually too late. More of the kid's DVDs skip than actually work properly.

At Target last night I bought our 3rd (yes 3rd) copy of Barbie Island Princess. It is Banana's favorite Barbie movie so she tends to like to carry it around with her. I also picked up our second copy of Barbie Magic Rainbow.

As I am walking out of the aisle catches my eye. It is something that claims it can fix DVDs. Yeah right... But for $20 that is cheaper than re-buying these movies... Ok I throw it in the cart along with the movies.

So I get up this morning and with trepidation open my DVD cleaner. I pull out Barbie Tika (as Island Princess is known in our house) the most scratched DVD we own. This is going to be a trial by fire.

I follow the really simple instructions, I run the repair cycle and then the cleaning cycle. I wipe it with a soft cloth and without much hope I pop it into the DVD player.

Holy Barbie Batman! It works! We are over half way done with the movie and not a skip or a stutter! This product works!

What is this product you ask?

Why it is OptiFix Pro by Memorex. It is 19.99 at Target so if you are a Bargain Hunter, check it out there,

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