Monday, October 5, 2009

Dear Upstairs Neighbor,

Why hello we have never met. But I am familiar with your laundry at 1100 pm on a Sunday night. Which is annoying but I can deal with, but last night you people took the cake.

Why is it necessary to go clogging from 1030 to 100 am? I am not sure this is what you are actually doing but this is certainly what it sounded like. I am certainly not one to stand in the way of your dream to be Olympic cloggers, please take into account you live on the second floor. Clog all you want, all day starting at 800 am (with the exception of 1130 to 130) and until 9 pm. I lost valuable hours of sleep because I became "that neighbor".

Which neighbor you ask? The bang the ceiling neighbor. Yes friends I banged on my ceiling with my broom. I hate being "that neighbor". But really you all asked for it. There is no reason for such inconsiderateness. See how sleep deprived I am, I believe I am making up words.



PS Now when you achieve your Olympic status please remember all the people who lived below you.

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