Sunday, October 4, 2009

How I Spent my Summer Vacation

I was in North Carolina for my BFFs gorgeous wedding. It rained, but it really fit the atmosphere. I cried like 4 times during her wedding. Peaches, my dear you were the prettiest September bride I have ever seen.

After Peaches' wedding Big Man drove us 7 hours to my grandma's beach house. He then turned around and drove himself 5 hours home. I guess this is the meaning of true love. 12 hours on the road so I could go to the beach.

A little background on this house. My grandma and grandpa have owned this house for 25 years. It is a little townhouse with 7 brick steps that end in a wooden deck (this will be important later).

This town used to be a blip on the tourist radar, no one knew about it. Well as the years progressed it became more and more popular. This wouldn't be such a problem except these people are rude and have no idea how to treat a wild life preserve. I am super protective of the national park. To illustrate:

This park has wild ponies. Wild is a bit of a stretch but they don't live in pens. Well said ponies will sometimes graze on the side of the road. Idiot tourists think it is fun to feed them.

While this is annoying to me as long as they don't block the road I close my eyes and pretend to ignore it. I also hate people who litter on this island. I mean I REALLY hate it.

Well I am 7 months pregnant with my son. We are driving through the park on the way to the beach. Well there is this couple, the have the cutest little girl. They are trying to put this 4 year old on a WILD PONY'S back. Not only that they left the door open to their gas guzzler, there was trash blowing out all over the park.

I tell Big Man I want to take pictures of the ponies. He looks at me skeptically and pulls over. I get out and pretend to talk on my cell phone about "the idiots who put their little girl on a WILD ANIMAL'S back. I know right? I wonder who they will try and sue when she gets bitten or kicked." They quickly pull their daughter off and get back into their gas guzzler.

I may love my island but I still hate confrontation and can be passive aggressive as hell.

But I digress the last week of September (weather wise and people wise) is perfect. It is warm enough on the beach but not crowded at all. There was only one incident of tourist idiocy on this trip.

There is a beautifully paved bike path next to the road. Bicyclist lobbied hard to get this paved path. You lobbied so HARD FOR IT USE IT! Instead of taking up both sides of the road, use the path. Morons.

Here comes my first FAIL as a mother. I mean it is an EPIC FAIL.

We are on our way out the door for dinner. Remember those 7 hard BRICK steps I mentioned? Yeah my 2 year old took a header down those. One minute she was standing there the next she was tumbling. The good news is she is made of rubber so she is ok. Just some scrapes and cuts.

We are home now and everyone is getting back into their routine. Everyone (including me) is a little cranky.

Tomorrow I will discuss my love for the new Melrose Place. STFU critics it is tv gold. Plus I have a girl crush on Katie Cassidy.

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