Monday, October 12, 2009

Well isn't this interesting

Today's Dr. Phil is about mistresses. I am sitting here with my jaw on the floor at the nerve of some of these women. They are telling the wives that it is the wife's fault that her husband cheats, that if she was keeping him satisfied he wouldn't cheat.

I am sorry are you fucking kidding me? I was the perfect wife. I cooked, I cleaned, I BEGGED for sex. Yes I gained weight but that was from having his babies. 3 babies in 3 years? Yeah that will make anyone gain weight.

What did he tell you honey? That I ignore him? That I don't want to have sex with him? Oh please sweetheart.

I don't care that you are heartbroken that he won't end his marriage. I don't care that you built your life around a man who is married. Not my problem. You are not a victim you are really nothing more than a home wreaking whore. Oh you are evil, you are making a conscious choice to have an affair with a married man.

How can you be so stupid to not know he is married? Excuses, Excuses.

You are a sad pathetic creature.

PS and if our marriage did end because of you, I would OWN his ass. In my state I can get as much as HALF his monthly income in child support and alimony and you bet your ass I would.

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  1. Just remember that YOU are awesome.
    Hugs & love my friend!