Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Little Man

Little Man is not a talker, he has some developmental delays.

Sometimes I just watch him in wonder. When he is playing and talking in his "Little Man Language," it is just amazing. He is so loving and smiley. He does have some words, but those are mostly words I understand. I am not sure if the average person would understand him.

But my heart just swells with love for him when he has his accomplishments. He is starting use a fork like a little big boy. When he builds his towers and they stand so tall, I am so proud of him. This little man will take a key and try it in every lock until he finds the right key and lock.

He will play for hours with his "Choo-choos", some complex story weaving through his mind. You can almost see the wheels turning. When he sees construction equipment he cries out "Bahb Bill" which we know is Bob the Builder.

He is also a wicked little devil. He has this mischievous look that tells you "Yeah mom I am up to something."

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