Monday, January 4, 2010

Is it cheating if it is a cucumber?

I was making my "Sassy Water" last night and the only cucumbers Shopper's has are huge. But the recipe only calls for medium cukes. Half is not a quite enough so I am left with like 1/3 of a cuke. I can't waste that delicious vegetable. Do you think my diet would be mad if I just ate it?

So far I have made just 2 small modifications to my diet plan. I didn't have any of the sunflower seeds I was supposed to eat for breakfast, so I ate 12 almonds, at half the calories and fat. And instead of the pint of cherry tomatoes I ate 1/2 cup of apple sauce. I thought I could eat the tomatoes, I just can't eat raw tomatoes. Tomorrow I am going to cut them up and eat them in my tuna. And FOUR ozs of turkey is a TON of turkey. But I am certainly full.

Dinner tonight I am going to brown the chicken in 1 tbsp of olive oil, season with cumin and chili powder. I am going to add the potatoes, and microwave the greenbeans.

My energy level is ok, I am certainly hankering for a cookie or something sweet, but I just have to bare through this "boot camp" of sorts and add them back in later.

Oh I found 2 awesome apps for my iTouch. The Couch to 5 K app will help me keep track while I run/walk. And the app called Lose it! which helps me keep track of calories.


  1. For the tomatoes, try marinating them in balsamic, olive oil, basil and a little salt if you can. Yummy! The only thing that should count for you I think is the Olive Oil. And about the switch from tomatoes to applesauce, keep in mind there is a lot more fiber in tomatoes than in applesauce. I think you'd be better off with an apple. It's a good healthy choice so don't feel bad about it. But the fiber is an important filler that will help keep you feeling full longer.

    Another tip, I always check the ingrediants and only buy applesauce that has no added sugars. Just apples and water and absoric acid or whatever that other thing is. The more sugar you cut out, the less you'll crave. Eventually. Might take a while.

  2. I found out recently that cucumbers have hardly any calories-munch away!