Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is a picture of the lifeguard shack at my beach. I call it my beach because I have a deep rooted connection to it.

Have you ever had a place where you could go and you REALLY feel like you are coming home? That you get "power" from? Whenever I think about my beach and it's town I get a very relaxed and settled feeling. If I go away for too long I get antsy. I need this town and it's beach.

It is a four hour drive. Once we hit the Bay Bridge I feel myself getting lighter and happier. As we drive through Cambridge I feel even better. By the time we hit Salisbury I am practically crawling out of my skin. Upon arriving at the intersection that is T's Corner I am vibrating. As we drive through Wallops Island I can feel the weight lifting. As we drive over the causeway I can see it. My town, I can breathe.

I come to this town when I need lifting. The Friday after Sara passed away, we met my parents at my dad's work and made the 4 hour drive. We spent a slightly rainy Saturday just being. It was my husband's first time there. It was a little bittersweet. But despite the pain I was in I felt BETTER.

Instead of taking a 5 hour trip home after my friend's wedding, I opted for the 7 hour trip to go to my beach.

I left at the very beginning of October, and I am getting twitchy. I need to go back. I am counting down the days until we go back. We are debating about either leaving Friday October 1st after my husband gets off work, or BRIGHT and early (5 am) Saturday October 2nd. Realistically it would take us less time if we leave on Saturday. No rush hour traffic. We could be there in 3.5 hours. If we leave Friday night it very likely could take 6 hours.

Choices, choices....